General Description:
The pyrotechnic test system provides for control of the Pyro test data collection, display, data analysis, and archive functions that are required to verify the Pyro performance and functionality as specified by the individual program’s test plan during subsystem module testing, spacecraft single line flow testing, and launch site operations.

The Pyrotechnic Test System provides the following capabilities:
  • Provide the pyro/squib device resistive load such to simulate a pyro firing.
  • Provide for a scalable number of Pyros to simulate concurrently.
  • Provide for a minimum of 80 Pyro channels to simulate.
  • Provide for monitoring and capture of selected Pyro fire signals.
  • Provide for monitoring of all non-selected Pyros.
  • Provide for monitoring of electrical test signals into and out of PYR rack and its chassis units to facilitate troubleshooting the PYR rack to S/C interface.
  • Provide for automatic analysis of pyro fire signals.
  • Modified design allows to test LiIon Battery voltages.

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Pyro Sim Box

Pyro Rack

LiIon Voltage Characteristic