The STS provides a means of verifying the functionality of the command generator and telemetry receiver before connection to the spacecraft. The STS can be configured to perform in a standalone mode or can communicate over a LAN connection to provide additional functionality.

Command Receiver:
  • Has a dual channel (CTU1 and CTU2) Baseband Spacecraft Command Receiver that receives spacecraft Data, Clock, and Execute signals as RS422 differential levels and decodes spacecraft commands.
  • Provides the commands in LAN packets to remote users.
  • Places the decoded command opcodes into the simulated telemetry stream to facilitate verification of the command process in the standalone mode.
  • Operates over a nominal data rate range of 80 to 1100 bits per second.
Telemetry Generator:
  • Generates a single Interleaved stream or separate Normal and Auxiliary streams.
  • Telemetry streams are BiPhase-L encoded.
  • The telemetry consists of configurable fixed minor frames with minor frame counter and command opcode inserted.
  • Data rate can be configured in the range 1024 to 8192 bits per second.

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Spacecraft Telemetry Simulator