Ground Encryption Interface Unit (GEIU)

The Ground Encryption Interface Unit (GEIU) is a custom encryption and decryption interface unit. The GEIU provides a network interface to the latest lines of Ground Encryption Units.

  • Provides a LAN interface to facilitate access by multiple computers to the Ground Encryption Unit (like KIV-7M) over the LAN (both collocated and remote).
  • Translates data received over the Local Area Network (LAN) using TCP/IP communications socket protocol into the clock, data, gate protocol used by a Ground Encryption Unit using its RS-422 ports.  
  • Enables the connection of an Ethernet Interface to a Ground Encryption Unit
  • Two Channels.
  • Provides a key management function to map spacecraft and key indices to memory locations within a Ground Encryption Unit. This supports using the same Ground Encryption Unit for multiple spacecraft and eliminates the need for key management by an external control computer. 

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