General Description:
The OBC STE supports the testing of bus subsystems including telemetry collection and formatting, bus command distribution, attitude determination and control battery charge management, thermal control, solar array pointing, and autonomous redundancy management for selected components.

  • Autonomous initialization to a known state from a power-on reset.
  • Load SRAM from either EEPROM or command uplink and to dump and checksum SRAM and EEPROM; memory loads and dumps supported while executing code.
  • Schedule software execution through service interrupts and time phase execution.
  • Capable to reprogram EEPROM on-orbit while executing code.
  • Ability to operate with either a hot or cold processor.
  • Redundant processors, each capable of operating in prime, backup or idle modes.
  • Ability to autonomously detect internal and failover to a hot backup processor.
  • Operate as bus controller, remote terminal, or monitor on the MIL-STD-1553B bus.
  • Compatible with the BAE Systems RAD750® and RAD6000® and with the Honeywell RHPPC Flight Computers

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