The target is a Nano-position electro-mechanical stage for satellite positioning simulation. Unit provides a thermal signature through germanium optics to simulate sun, earth, and moon position.

  • Smooth precise motion riding on instrument linear bearings.
  • 40mm total travel on both X and Y axis.
  • Built in optical encoder - 1.0µm resolutions.
  • Operational environment 0°C to 60°C.
  • Vacuum compatible to 1X10-6 torr.
  • Generates minimal heat.
  • Requires zero power to hold.
  • Max speed 50mm/second.

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This design was upgraded in 2013.


  • Mechanical interface fits on the NEC Earth Sensor Assembly
  • LED display for visual confirmation of position
  • Ruggedized design works in thermal vacuum environment
  •  New ESA Target Design fits on Goodrich Multi-Mission Earth Sensor Model 13-410
  • Manual Target for ambient testing with motorized options available
  • Low Earth Orbit Lens Package

Target Assembly Target Assembly with Interface Cable