Pyro Monitor System Tester (PMST)

General Description:
The Pyro Monitor System Tester chassis is a 4 channel tester that outputs a pyro pulse to a pyro simulator box. This will verify that the pyro simulator box is operating correctly before its use in the test. (See Pyro Simulator box for more information)

Output Voltage may be set to two ranges of voltages:
6.5V - 14V (used to test LiIon battery voltage)
20V - 40V (used to test NiMH battery voltages)
There is a switchable series resistance of 2.1 Ohms or 5.6 Ohm. 
Pulse width may be selected to 40ms wide or 100ms.
May be operated manually from the top panel or remotely using a User Interface.  Remote operations may be performed automatically using a script file.